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We all realise the world’s largest companies make money faster than individuals.


We all realise the world’s largest companies make money faster than individuals, perhaps with few exceptions. You can share in these profits. We can show you how, appropriately to your needs and only if right for you. As an added advantage, we will help you keep the taxman at bay too.

Whatever the driving force of your need to invest, and no matter the size of your investment, once you engage our services we will methodically consider your circumstances and aspirations.

You may already have investments, or not. You may have strong views or be a newcomer to the concepts of investing. You may be seeking income or growth. The term of investment, need for access and your tax situation will also be considered in our analysis.

Whether you are an experienced investor or a complete novice, we will introduce ideas to you and gauge the best fit to your needs and preferences, carefully explaining the benefits of each option as we go.

Before we do any of this, we must consider the key concept of risk and assess your appetite for financial risk. Maybe now is the time to have a peek at our approach to risk here.

There are an endless number of options available to you, and it is important we do not detail specifics here. You can be sure that no matter the type of investment journey you are hoping for, we will investigate it with you fastidiously and with real care. We want you to understand the possibilities and ensure you appreciate the potential benefits and rewards, but also the risks and how to manage them most effectively.

We will build you a portfolio (or portfolios) and keep them under review in consultation with you at least annually. You will feel hugely informed and enabled to make key decisions about your wealth and the options available to you over time.

Asset Classes

We refer to the fundamental types of investment instrument available as ‘asset classes’. A typical portfolio will include the following asset classes:

  • Cash
  • Fixed Interest Securities – Government and Corporate Bonds
  • Real Estate (Real Property)
  • UK Equites (Shares)
  • Overseas Equities
  • Emerging Market Equites
  • Alternatives

We will help you understand the metrics of each asset class and how they may affect the portfolio, dovetail effectively and ultimately work for you in an overall portfolio.

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“You’ve got to tell money what to do, or it will leave”