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Buying a home is generally the largest purchase of our lives. It can be a challenging time with lots to organise and think about.


Buying a home is generally the largest purchase of our lives. It can be a challenging time with lots to organise and think about. As a minimum, we can defuse the tension involved in researching, selecting and arranging the right mortgage for your needs. It’s not just about the rate charged, but ensuring your mortgage product matches your overall financial planning needs, tax arrangements, repayment terms, period to retirement and many other factors. We will leave no stone unturned and ensure you maximise your opportunities at this important time.

Lenders are a tricky bunch, and borrowing criteria has become very comprehensive since the economic crisis of 2007. We will negotiate with all the banks and building societies on an independent basis, on your behalf, and take the stress out of the application process. The key areas to discuss are:

  • The amount you need to borrow
  • Lending criteria
  • Fees charged (arrangement and valuation fees)
  • The term of repayment
  • The basis of repayment (Capital & Interest / Interest Only)

House Buying Service

We all realise buying a new home, whether it be your first property, or a house move, is one of the most stressful periods in life. Assisting you with the finance is only part of the service value we want to provide to you.

Right at the start of the house buying process, you will need to research, view and negotiate on target properties. You will liaise with estate agents and perhaps vendors also. You will need to make offers and finalise a price, engage a solicitor and manage the process through to exchange and completion. And there is the mortgage application, surveys and legal requirements of course.

We can assist in all stages. As part of the house buying service we will:

  • Negotiate with Estate Agents / Vendors on your behalf – this isolates you from the negotiation and makes the process less emotional. Estate Agents are experts at manipulating emotive buyers, and we seek to protect you from this threat.
  • We forward all offers to the Estate Agent / Vendor in writing. We feel this is vital to have an offer officially recorded and taken seriously. More so, offers should be justified and qualified, supported by documentary proof of your ability to complete the purchase (by way of mortgage agreement in principle / proof of deposit), expectations of timescales, chain details, solicitor’s details and anything that supports your ability to complete, as would be viewed beneficial by the Vendor. This is all in the interest of negotiating you the very best purchase price.
  • We can assist in the property search, make introductions to local Estate Agents (Sussex and London) in relation to your prospective purchase, but also where a selling agent is required.
  • Refer you to solicitors and surveyors as required. We can also introduce removals services, builders and architects.
  • Assist in the chain progression, ensuring all aspects are project managed to protect the success of your purchase in a timely and efficient manner.

We look forward to assisting you with the purchase of a new home and making a stressful time of life a less demanding experience by taking on some of the processes on your behalf. We can’t promise to make it completely stress free, but we will make it easier for you. You will have more time to spend on colour charts and picking the right cushions!

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“If you’d like something more expensive sir, we can
show you the same property again tomorrow”


Buy to Let

There has been a huge focus on this part of the market in the last few years. With the government focusing on landlords as a source of higher tax receipts, it is more important than ever to seek good guidance around the right mortgage, basis of purchase and long-term benefits of investment property ownership.

We can help you structure your portfolio correctly for tax, both on a yearly (Income Tax) basis but also mindful of the long-term issues (Capital Gains Tax).

We can offer individual property advice, or, if you have several properties, we can assess solutions on a portfolio basis where suitable.

Either way, we will seek to find you the perfect solutions to your long-term needs and objectives and ensure things are kept under review appropriately over time.

We understand most landlords are busy people, and we will look to save you time and hassle, managing your borrowing needs over time and providing you the options as opportunities arise.

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“Landlords grow rich in their sleep”

Non - Mortgage Finance

We can also help you negotiate the following finance options if required:

  • Commercial Loans
  • Second Charge Loans (Mortgages)
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans
  • Business Loans

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