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The Way We Work

We are Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) and Wealth Managers with over 60 years’ combined experience.

The Way We Work

We are Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) and Wealth Managers with over 60 years’ combined experience in the areas of investments, retirement and pension planning, savings, financial protection arrangements and estate planning. We also offer specialist advice in the areas of mortgage brokering, commercial loan arrangement and long-term care planning.

The central ethos of our proposition is to tailor a bespoke financial plan for our clients. This is achieved by careful consideration of your circumstances, needs, objectives, core beliefs and attitudes. Through an attentive advice process, we ensure our clients’ financial goals are met on target and on time.

We believe in our service being holistic. Our clients enjoy the comfort of keeping their wealth protected and increased through a consultative approach to financial decision-making within the protection of our guidance. We collate, consider and present the core facts to our clients, enabling timely and informed decisions to be made through our recommendations.

Concierge Wealth Management has access to market-leading products that provide opportunities not always directly available to consumers in the retail market. This is made possible through our developed relationships with a range of service and financial solutions providers. Over many years, we have refined our unique advisory process, offering our clients truly bespoke advice.

On engaging us to consider your circumstances, we will arrange for an adviser to meet with you without initial charge or obligation on your part. Together you and your adviser will assess whether our service can meet your needs and ensure that it will reflect cost effectiveness.

Once we understand your overall circumstances and needs, and with your permission, we will begin the process of advising on your legacy plans already in existence and complete an analysis of how your current situation compares with your ultimate objectives and expectations. In a clear and straightforward process, we will help you design the single most effective way to meet your goals.

Ongoing Support

As part of the Concierge Wealth service, you will be supported by an adviser and the adviser’s Executive Assistant, ensuring all administrative requirements are met without delay. We are acutely aware of modern-day time constraints, and we will ensure the service can be tailored to your needs.

We will treat you to expedient delivery of all the key facts on which to make the important decisions regarding investments, pensions, savings, protection plans or your mortgage. We will administer the paperwork and complete all the required communications to ensure you have every pertinent detail at hand and remain completely confident of your decisions. We will complete our research to ensure no opportunities are left unconsidered or that any threat to your wealth is left unchecked.

We will Concierge the whole process. You may feel a little spoiled.

"At Concierge Wealth Management, customer service is not a department, but our whole ethos. It is the dominant culture of the firm. Our principal goal is to surprise and delight our clients with the standard of service and with value for money."

Director of Client Liaison

The Way We Work (Terms of Business)

We have a document that explains this in detail. It is called our Client Agreement, and you can take a peek at it here. It sets out what we will need from you and what you can in turn expect from us. It also details the maximum charges you may pay.

Our main intention is to treat you fairly at all times. Within this we will adhere to strict rules of engagement and ensure you understand our advice process and what is involved in providing an advice service of excellence.

We will need to understand you entirely. Primarily this will involve a lot of personal information disclosures and discussion. Only in this way can we ensure we direct and advise you accurately, efficiently and with the most beneficial outcome.

Once the initial information is provided by you, and once we understand your circumstances and views, the process of ongoing support becomes easier over time. This will be kept under review if you choose to implement our review services.

"Our most fundamental objective is to place our clients into an informed position, thereby allowing them to make completely informed choices and to interrogate the most effective way to bring those requirements into reality"

Director of Concierge Wealth Management

Our Fees

Although our Client Agreement sets out our maximum fees in detail, every client is treated on an individual basis at CWM. We do not want you to pay for more services than required. We will tailor a bespoke fee arrangement for you founded on the services required and the expertise involved to provide a recommendation. The fee will also reflect the scale of liability associated with our work.

We should highlight that the inclusion of an independent adviser is an extra layer of expense, but we would expect our service to provide the following value and benefits:

  • We will save you time
  • Provide you peace of mind and comfort in the knowledge you have not missed any opportunities or left any financial threats unaddressed
  • Ensure you never feel led or sold to – you make the decisions based on independent advice only
  • To provide best advice. The most effective single solution to your needs
  • To use our developed relationships to provide you access to products at beneficial rates not available in the retail market
  • To offer expert opinion on your options and introduce ideas and concepts you may not highlight without professional advice
  • To introduce advanced planning techniques often overlooked due to apathy, time limits or financial constraints
  • To maximise the potential for growth with a view to offsetting our costs over time
  • To review your plans and ensure you remain comfortable and informed with your financial forecasting
  • To introduce you to our network of professional contacts often available at a discount on standard charges

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